GCR Ink Saving System

Gray Component Replacement (GCR) is one of the color management artifices to optimize the color component of the image to achieve the goal of ink saving purpose.
GCR is a color separation technique where black ink is used to compensate the portion of the unwanted component in a saturated color, it also replaces those grays which made with cyan, magenta and yellow with sheer black.

Under the circumstance of same color presentation, images which applying GCR can be saved up to 25% ink cast and get even more benefits.

CGR not applied - An image without CGR

GCR applied - An image with CGR

Benefits of applying GCR:

  • ink saving (up to 25% of original ink cast)
  • make the images more neutral
  • make the print results more stable
  • results in faster makeready, and improved consistency across the print run
  • make the print color adjustment on the press more easier
  • more easer for print control by the printing operator
  • putting less ink on the pages, hence reducing the risk of set-off defect
  • shorter drying time